About ShivX


Back In 2009 Since Its Creation, Bitcoin and The Concept of Block Chain Was Developed in Response to An Inherent Flaw in The Way Transactions Were Processed on The Internet. Nakamoto Explains in His Whitepaper. “Commerce On the Internet Has Come to Rely Almost Exclusively on Financial Institutions Serving as Trusted Third Parties to Process Electronic Payments. While The System Works Well Enough for Most Transactions, It Still Suffers from The Inherent Weaknesses of The Trust-Based Model (Nakamoto, 2007)” .


We Have Been Working Around the Clock on This New Project and We're Excited to Share the Details with You. It's Called ShivX and It’s a Cryptocurrency Designed for Everyone.

Excited to Share the De


  • Main Motive: Incentivizing Internet, Decentralizing Data, Finance and more, Deflationary Currency, Education and Charity. Currency designed for everyday use.
  • Fixed Supply: 921,000,000,000,000
  • Curriculum Supply: 21% Of the Total Supply.
  • Selling: 79% Of the Total Supply Will Be Locked & Will Only Be Available Via Distribution By Helping The Community.
  • Max Supply: 921,000,000,000,000.

About ShivX Token

We Felt There Is a Need for A Token That Can Help Overcome the Poverty in Our Society. ShivX Is a Community Token for Everyone Who Helps in Charity and Beat Poverty. A Fight For Privacy. A Community Is Held Together by Hundreds, If Not Thousands, Of Interconnected Moments. By Studying Those Drawn to Our Project, We Realized That True Strength Doesn’t Come from One ofUs Alone, It Comes from When We Work Together in Harmony. With That ThoughtBright in Our Minds, We Began Developing the ShivX Ecosystem in Earnest.

ShivX Is Our First Phase of An Open-Source Enterprise Blockchain Technology Platform for The World of E-Commerce, Payments, And Cryptocurrency. It’s A Decentralized, Privacy, Peer-To-Peer Digital Currency System That Will Replace Fiat Currency and Improve the Way We Do Business Today. The Native Cryptocurrency Token Behind This Platform Is Called ShivX Which Will Be Used as A Medium of Exchange Between Buyers and Sellers in Every Market.


What Is ShivX?

ShivX Is a Privacy Token. It Is a Form of Finance That Aims at Removing
Intermediaries and Creating a Financial Ecosystem That Is:

  • Transparent
  • Open Source
  • Permissionless
  • Decentralized Storage Network

With Decentralized Storage, Data Is Encrypted and Stored Across Multiple
Locations, Or Nodes, That Are Run by Individuals or Organizations That Share
Their Extra Disk Space for A Fee. Only The Data’s Owner Holds the Private
Encryption Key; Storage Providers Cannot Access the Data. In Many Cases, The
Files Are Also Sharded and Spread Across Multiple Locations, Providing Yet

Another Layer of Storage Security.

  • Not Centralized

The Decentralized Finance System Functions Without a Central Authority, Which
Implies That It Is Available to Everyone. Hence, People Can:

  • Entirely Control Their Asset
  • Conduct Peer-To-Peer Transaction and Exchanges
  • Use And Create Decentralized Applications (Dapps)

By Removing Financial Intermediaries Like Exchanges, Banks, Or Brokerages, Defi
Uses Blockchain Technology to Facilitate Finances. With Defi, People Can:

  • Borrow Funds From Each Other
  • Trade Cryptocurrencies
  • Insure Against Risks
  • Earn High Interests
  • Speculate Price Movements on Asset

With Decentralized Finance, People Can Gain Many Benefits. But To Understand It
Better, We Must Know How It Is Different from Centralized Finance (Cefi).


How To Get Tokens?

ShivX is now on Solona Block chain and ShivX/USDT pool is added on Solona Dex Lab. You can Send, Receive, Buy and Sell ShivX on Solona Chain. Provide ShivX Liquidity and get rewarded.

Coming Soon –

  • Refer and Earn Program.
  • Do simple task and earn ShivX.
  • Stake ShivX and get staking rewards.
  • We Bring You the Best Cryptocurrency Platform That Will Help You to Stay Hype All the Time Invite Your Friends and Get More Rewards!

Why ShivX?

In This New Era, We All People Face Inflation We Also Aim to Decrease the Effects of Inflation. The Monetary Value at The End of The Day Is Not What Should Be a Problem to Consider, However, It Is Important to Try and Maintain a Low Level of Inflation That Will Give Us the Highest Purchasing Power Possible. In Order for This to Happen, We Need a Seething Cryptocurrency That Can Stabilize the Economy and Allow for Those Who Desire Stability from Those Who Seek Financial Freedom?
In This New Era, This Platform Will Allow People to Attain Financial Freedom Through Cryptocurrency.


ShivX Has Also Aimed for Fighting Poverty & Creating Lower Transaction Fees. ShivX Is a Cryptocurrency That Can Be Used as A Payment or A Transfer of Wealth, Without High Transaction Fees. The Idea for ShivX Came from a Mixture of Need and Passion.

Need To Help Those Who Have Been Unfortunate by Creating an Eco-Oriented Cryptocurrency Focused on Creating More Jobs, Sustainable Energy, And Reducing Poverty.
Passion Fuelled by Studying Microeconomics with The Great Market Experience of More Than a Decade Led to This Project to Combine Finance with Sustainability

ShivX Focus on Finance Industry Which Is One of The Most Critical and Sensitive Sectors Today. With More And More People Moving Their Finances from Physical to Digital Forms, The Finance Industry Is Always Looking for Convenient and Safe Technologies That Can Be Implemented to Ease Out the Workflows and Enhance Safety.

Inspired By Blockchain Technology, Decentralized Finance, More Popularly Known as Defi, Is A New Way to Manage Finances in A Decentralized Manner and Entirely
Remove Intermediaries’ Need in The Process. It Is Gaining a Lot of Traction Due to Its Benefits and Features

Why Do We Choose Decentralization?

We Choose Decentralization Because Of The Fact That in A Centralized World a Single Entity Has So Much Power to Hold So Much Data for A User Which Can Be Misused. In A Distributed World, A User Is Able to Store and Control Their Own Data.
Decentralized Applications Use Blockchain Technology That Secures the Valuable Information of Each User in A Non-Centralized and Anonymous Manner Which Makes It Impossible for Anyone to Hack or Change the Information of The Users.

Another Way to Achieve Decentralization Is Through Using ‘ShivX ‘. ShivX Is an Opensource Project Which Creates a Decentralized System for Sharing Tokens with Others Without Exposing Your Personal Information of Any Kind.
Defi Includes the Word Decentralize, This Is the Complete Opposite of The Traditional Financial System. Our Founder Aditya, Said This of Our Beginning “We Are the Decentralized Spontaneous Community Aiming for Deflation & Privacy”.

What Is the Difference Between Defi and Cefi?

Cefi Stands for Centralized Finance. As The Name Suggests, It Is a Centralized Financial Structure. There Are Many Differences Between Defi and Cefi. To Understand Them in A Better Manner, Let’s Discuss Them Properly. The Significant Difference Between Defi and Cefi Is Suggested Clearly by The Terms Themselves. Defi Is Decentralized, Whereas Cefi Is Centralized. Defi Is a Permissionless Network, Whereas Cefi Is a Permissioned Network. This Implies That in Cefi, Specific Actions Can Be Performed Only by Authorized Personnel, Whereas in Defi, There Are No Central Authority Figures. Defi Is Open-Source, Which Implies That It Encourages Free Collaboration. Cefi, However, Isn’t Opensource, Which Means That Free Collaboration Isn’t Facilitated, And All Decisions Are Made by Specific Authorized Figures. As Defi Is Open-Source, It Is Also Censorship-Resistant, Whereas Cefi Can Be Censored.

Defi Is Cheaper as Compared to Cefi Because Most of The Expenses Involve Network Fees Only. However, Cefi Is Comparatively Expensive as Intermediaries Charge Hefty Fees. Defi Is Built on Blockchain, Whereas Cefi Functions on Old Traditional Methods. Decentralized Finance Shifts Transactions from Traditional and Centralized Financial Systems to P2P Finance Enabled by Decentralized Technologies Built on Blockchains Like Ethereum and Stellar. Centralized Finance Involves Several Central Authorities, Institutions, And Intermediaries, Defi Aims to Remove with The Help of Smart Contracts. Thanks To the Numerous Promising Advantages It Offers, Decentralized Finance Has Become One of The Most Active Sectors in The Blockchain Industry, With Various Use Cases and A Total Locked Value of Over USD 12 Billion. Let’s Take a Look at Its Benefits.

What Are the Use Cases of ShivX?

There Are Multiple Use Cases of ShivX Today. Decentralized Finance Can Be Implemented in Multiple Industries to Bring Out Easy, Quick, And Convenient Workflows. Here, We Have Listed Seven Use Cases of Decentralized Finance:

1. Data And Analytics

2. Lending And Borrowing

3. Insurance

4. Identity

5. Payments

6. Stable coins

7. P2P Exchanges And Marketplaces

8. Staking, Voting, and More

Let’s Discuss Them in Detail.

  • Data And Analytics
    ShivX Finance Protocols Enable Efficient Data Analysis, Discovery, And Decision Making Around Finances and Risk Management. It Is Possible Because It Works on Blockchain, Offering Transparent Access to All Transaction Data and Network Activity. Due To the Growth of New Defi Dapp Applications, Numerous Tools and Dashboards Have Been Developed to Enable Users to Track the Total Value Locked and Compare Platform Risks.
  • Insurance
    ShivX Finance Is Still an Emerging and Developing Concept. There Are A Few Risks Related to Smart Contract Bugs That Need to Be Attended to Before Implementing It in Sensitive Sectors Like Insurance. However, By Implementing Defi, The Insurance Industry Can Significantly Benefit from Enhanced Transparency, Authenticity, And Security. There Have Been Numerous Innovative Alternatives Introduced to Assist People in Claiming Insurance and Protecting Their Assets.
    • Payments And Monetary Banking Services
      Monetary Use Cases Like Payments and Banking Are the Primary Use Case of Decentralized Finance and Blockchain Technology. As Blockchain Enables Users to Securely and Directly Exchange Cryptocurrencies, Without Intermediaries, Defi Payments Will Create a Payments and Banking System That Is More:
      • Open
      • Easy-To-Use
      • Accessible Defi Payments Can Also Help Financial Institutions To:
      • Streamline Market Infrastructure
      • Serve Wholesale and Retail Customers in A Better Manner
      • Reach Out to People More Systematically With Traditional Payments and Banking Services, There Are Numerous Intermediaries and Middlemen Involved. Hence, The Processes Become Very Tedious, Time-Consuming, And Costly. With The Use of Defi Payments:
      • Peer-To-Peer Payments Can Be Enabled, Thus Enabling Direct Payments.
      • Smart Contracts Can Automate Processes, Thus Removing Middle-Men.
      • Payments And Banking Services Can Become Comparatively Cheaper.
      • Quick Payments and Processes Can Be Ensured.

    •  Stable coins
      Cryptocurrencies Which Are Pegged with A Stable Asset Like Fiat Currencies or Gold Are Known as Stablecoins. Created Initially to Stabilize the Ever-Changing Prices of Cryptocurrencies, Stablecoins Can Be Implemented in Decentralized Finance For:
      • Lending
      • Borrowing
      • Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
      • Remittances Stablecoins Can Make Blockchains Feasible for Payments as They Hold on To a Specific Value Rather Than Changing Constantly. Typically, Stablecoins Are Categorized into Three Types:
      • Crypto-Collateralized Stablecoin
      Stablecoins Backed by Crypto Assets as Collateral Are Known as CryptoCollateralized Stablecoins. They Are:
      • Decentralized
      • Trustlessly Issued
      • Pegged 1:1 Against Assets
      • Fiat-Collateralized Stablecoin Coins
      That Store Value in Fiat Currencies Like Euros, USD, Etc., Are Known as Fiat collateralized Stablecoins. They Are Usually Redeemable At 1:1 With the Fiat Currency They Are Pegged To.
      • Non-Collateralized Stablecoin Stablecoins That Are Neither Centralized nor Over-Collateralized with A Crypto Asset Are Known as Non-Collateralized Stablecoins. The System Supplies More Tokens with Lower Prices When Demand Increases and Provides Fewer Tokens with Higher Prices When Demand Decreases, All According to Its Algorithm. With Traditional Payments and Banking Services, There Are Numerous Intermediaries and Middlemen Involved. Hence, The Processes Become Very Tedious, Time-Consuming, And Costly. With The Use of Defi Payments:
      • Peer-To-Peer Payments Can Be Enabled, Thus Enabling Direct Payments.
      • Smart Contracts Can Automate Processes, Thus Removing Middle-Men.
      • Payments And Banking Services Can Become Comparatively Cheaper.
      • Quick Payments and Processes Can Be Ensured.

      • Exchange And Marketplace
      • What Is Multichain Exchange
      MultiChain provides a number of APIs which make it easy to perform these exchanges. One party begins by using a prepared lock unspent (from) and creating a raw exchange to create an offer of exchange, in which they specify the asset and quantity they are offering, and the asset and quantity they request in return.

What Are the Advantages of ShivX?

Decentralized Finance Is Facilitated by Blockchain Technology, Which Implies That It Inherits the Advantages of Blockchain as Well. Four Significant Benefits of Defi Are:

  1. Immutability
  2. Transparency
  3. Interoperability
  4. No Single Points of Failure

Immutability Means “Not Susceptible to Change.” As Decentralized Finance Is
Supported by Blockchain Technology, All Data Is Immutable, Implying That It Cannot
Be Changed. As The Information Is Tamperproof, It Makes Financial Procedures and
Operations Highly Secure and Conveniently Auditable.
ShivX Offers Transparency. As It Functions on Blockchain Technology, All
Transactions, Data, And Codes on The Blockchain Are Transparent to Everyone.
Such A Level of Transparency Build Trust Among Users, As Everyone in The Network
Understand What Kind of Transactions Are Taking Place.
• View And Understand the Smart Contract’s Code and Functionality.
Hence, Transparency Ensures:
• High Trust Levels
• Security
• Auditability
• Authenticity
• Interoperability
With Decentralized Finance, Developers Can Freely:
Build On Top of Existent Protocols
• Customize Interfaces
• Integrate Third-Party Applications
Due To This Kind of Flexibility, Defi Protocols Are Often Known As “Money Legos.”
New Decentralized Finance Applications Can Be Built by Combining Other ShivX
Products. For Example, Stable coins, Decentralized Exchanges, And Prediction
Markets Can Be Combined to Form Entirely New and Much More Advanced
• No Single Points of Failure
Decentralized Finance Is Powered by Blockchain Technology, Which Implies That
All Information Is Stored on The Blockchain and Distributed Among Multiple Nodes.
Hence, All Single Points of Failure Are Eliminated. As All Data Is Spread Across
Different Nodes, It Makes Defi Censorship-Resistant and Removes the Possibility of
a Service’s Potential Shutdown.
Other Than This, Defi Also Enables:
Autonomy As You Are Solely Responsible for Your Assets and Money in A Defi Network.
• Contract Automation
• Quick Transactions
• Low-Cost Transactions
Now That You Have Learned About the Multiple Benefits of Defi.

Our Vision

Our Aim Is to Build a Decentralized ShivX Ecosystem That Will Support NFT Marketplace, Crypto Market Place, Decentralised Storage, Gaming and more. Towards decentralized ShivX Blockchain.

We Are Working Towards Making a Blockchain with Support to Deflationary Tokens Along with Low Transfer Fees.

ShivX Will Allow People to Earn, Buy, And Trade Tokens for Activities Like Helping Fight Poverty, Charity Work, Or Even Delivering Medical Supplies to Remote Areas, Or Helping the Community to Grow.

But the Answer Is Actually Really Simple: ShivX Is a Blockchain-Based Platform That Runs on Solona Blockchain For Privacy.

This Means That All Trades Are Peer-To-Peer and There Are No Intermediaries Like Banks or Governments Involved. It’s Decentralized and Distributed.


Our Team

Our Team Is Inventing a Cryptocurrency That Will Allow You to Invest in Your Future. Our Team Has Experience in The Market of More Than a Decade Which Helps Us Make Great Decisions That Can Be of Great Value for The Community That Uses Our Token. We Are Determined to Provide the Best Solution to Problems Like Poverty, Charity, And Education.

All Our Team Members Work with Dedication at All Times So You Can Trust Us.

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