ShivX Privacy Roadmap 2022

Our upcoming events.

  • Token Distribution: We will announce our IPO in January 2022. You can easily register yourself in this event by signing up on”

  • Refer and Earn: We are going to launch the most awaited Refer and Earn program for our users in February 2022. Users can earn ShivX by referring their friends and family.

  • Staking: ShivX holders will be able to stake their tokens for unbelievable rewards. We are expecting to launch the Staking feature in March 2022.

  • Official ShivX APP: ShivX is planning to launch its official APP for Android users in the 2nd quarter of 2022. You can trade, store, stake, earn by playing games and by referring your friends and family.

  • Play and earn: We will launch games on the ShivX application in the 2nd quarter of 2022. Users can earn NFT’s and ShivX tokens as they complete their milestones. NFT’s will be of 3 types: Common, Rare, and legendary and their value will be decided accordingly.